By Technical Customer, we mean a professional team that manages construction as an expert in the organization of construction sites, obtaining technical specifications, financial control of construction and more.

The Technical Customer is responsible to investors for achieving high performance of all project participants due to the solution of a number of tasks:



  • подбор и оформление производственной площадки в собственность;

  • сбор и оформление исходно-разрешительной документации;

  • контроль разработки проектной документации;

  • разработка и контроль бюджета строительства;

  • согласование проекта и организация прохождения Госэкспертизы;

  • получение разрешения на строительство;

  • осуществление строительного контроля;

  • сдача объекта в эксплуатацию.

It should be noted that the Technical customer plays a key role in the process of effective interaction with all project participants. WALTER Construction LLC knows firsthand that the role of the coordinator is very responsible and entirely aimed at achieving the conformity of the construction object with its technical, economic and technical and operational qualities provided by design and regulatory requirements.

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