Sanitary protection zone is an obligatory element of any object - a source of impact on the environment and human health and is subject to organization and improvement.

WALTER Construction specialists provide professional services for the development of a sanitary protection zone project and provide support for customer documentation to Rospotrebnadzor authorities. This is a serious task, which must necessarily include a description of new programs to prevent atmospheric pollution and the improvement of the surrounding area.

The SPZ project will allow you to:

  • determine the possibility of building an object within the settlements;

  • make informed decisions on the construction of the facility from a technical, environmental, social and economic point of view;

  • substantiate that construction or production activities do not harm either the population or the environment;

  • protect yourself from the fine of Rosportebnadzor;

  • avoid stopping or suspending the activities of the enterprise for a period of 90 days.

For existing enterprises in Russia, the draft sanitary protection zone is a mandatory document.

Main directions:

  • substantiation of the sizes of sanitary protection zones of industrial units;

  • development of projects for sanitary protection zones for industrial parks, industrial clusters, enterprises of I and II hazard classes;

  • justification for reducing the size of sanitary protection zones of industrial facilities;

  • assessment of the impact on the implementation of projects of the location of zones with a special standardization regime (residential areas, sanitary protection zones, etc.);

  • changing the hazard class of industrial facilities;

  • obtaining approvals from authorized oversight bodies when locating enterprises;

  • obtaining sanitary and epidemiological conclusions on project materials;

  • environmental risk assessment of project implementation;

  • development of specialized projects to justify the possibility of implementing industrial investment projects in the region (risk assessment for public health / cancer, special sections of project documentation - EIA / PMOOS).