The best way to get a successful foreign project is to use the services of an experienced company that interacts with global suppliers of equipment and technology.

Foreign projects, regardless of the quality of the developed documentation, need to be adapted to the conditions of implementation on the territory of Russia, since they are based on requirements that differ from the norms and rules in force in our country.

The need for adaptation lies in the fact that the documentation is completed:


  • in a foreign language;

  • has a different terminology and other graphic designations;

  • uses a different way of providing information;

  • made in accordance with western design standards;

  • uses equipment and materials that are not available in the Russian Federation or whose use is irrational in the Russian Federation (cost, complexity of operation);

  • the composition of the information provided differs from the Russian Federation.

The process of adaptation of projects by WALTER Construction specialists includes:


  • translation of project texts and explanatory notes to the drawings;

  • analysis and evaluation of solutions proposed by foreign developers;

  • processing of all technical documentation in accordance with the requirements, norms and standards applicable in the territory of the Russian Federation;

  • development of additional sections of the project in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 87 dated February 16, 2008 “On the composition of sections of project documentation and requirements for their content”, which are lacking in foreign documentation from the point of view of state expertise of the Russian Federation;

  • Coordination of design documentation in the state examination bodies of the Russian Federation.

It should be noted that adaptation includes not only translation of documentation, but also its revision. Translation of documentation should be carried out by an experienced design organization that understands the scope of work and the technical side of the project.

Often a foreign project can be carried out according to the norms of the Russian Federation, however, only the method of providing information may require significant additional costs for adaptation.