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Объект относится к стратегическим объектам. Сведения являются государственной тайной, в связи с чем фото- и видеоматериалы не могут быть предоставлены.



Construction of facilities for a multifunctional radiochemical research complex (PRK)

It is planned to conduct a full cycle of research on spent nuclear fuel reprocessing at two basic technologies: pyrochemical (JSC "SSC RIAR") and hydrometallurgical (JSC "VNIINM" in conjunction with the NPO "Radium Institute"), which should make it possible to concentrate all breakthroughs in JSC "SSC RIAR" nuclear fuel cycle research. One of the objectives of the PRK is to ensure the possibility of creating an international center for the management of SNF of fast reactors, which means the need to comply with international requirements to ensure the quality of work and their safety. The use of a multi-barrier approach in the PRK, including the introduction of additional static and two dynamic barriers, as well as the transfer of the PRK to the “unmanned” service mode (the concept of completely remote operation is planned for the first time in the world), led to the prevention or sharp reduction of the environmental impact of the PRK during normal situations and design emergencies.



Performing monolithic work of the building
220 (PRK) JSC “SSC RIAR” up to mark +0.000 g.

Monolithic work of the building
220 (PRK) JSC “SSC RIAR” above mark + 0,000g.

An object refers to strategic objects. The information is a state secret, in connection with which photo and video materials cannot be provided.

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