Since 2004, WALTER Construction has been actively involved in large-scale industrial investment projects.


The successful development of the company logically led to the need to develop related professional areas. Thanks to a wealth of practical experience, today we are a leading consultant in the domestic forest industry and in many other sectors.


One of the advantages of our company is a unique combination of Russian project management practice with international knowledge. We draw special attention to the continuous professional training of our technical specialists.


Delving into the project at any stage of implementation, we are ready to provide professional support to our customers.

Corporate culture

We support a highly effective team environment focused on outstanding results and protecting the interests of investors.

The team is our most valuable resource. Our people create an atmosphere that allows WALTER Construction partners and the team to reach their greatest potential, which inevitably leads to an increase in the customers’ profit.


We are more than just construction engineers: WALTER Construction brought together active people who are interested in what is happening in the world. We develop the tradition of charity. We support organizations such as Kuban Large Family Union: restore children’s playgrounds, provide financial support for the construction of churches, and help children with cancer.

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