Since 2004, the WALTER Construction team has been actively involved in the implementation of large-scale industrial investment projects in industrial construction.


For more than 15 years, we have been helping Customers to cope with urgent and difficult tasks specifically pertaining to design, construction and production startups. Implementation of projects on the territory of Russia is a very creative thing. Professional knowledge and skills in project management alone are not enough: it is important to know how Russian building regulations and regulatory authorities work, how the design process is organized, with what efficiency an installer or welder works in a particular region.


The successful development of the company logically led to the need to develop related professional areas. Thanks to a wealth of practical experience, today we are a leading consultant in the domestic forest industry and in many other sectors. All these seemingly minor things result in a significant cost item during the construction process, which the Customer ultimately has to pay out of his own pocket. This, in our opinion, is the main purpose of the general contractor - to be a professional assistant and a reliable partner, which is able to promptly and in an accessible form to report problems with the project and minimize all risks at any stage of its implementation.


The goal of WALTER Construction

Create a modern world of unique and grand-scale industrial facilities.

The idea of the company WALTER Construction

Erection of any industrial facilities for investors or existing enterprises anywhere in the world, attracting a team of real professionals who are able to achieve their goals using modern and effective management technologies.

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Corporate culture

The main principle of WALTER Construction is fairness. This means that the management of the company supports and protects effective people who produce results. If an employee does not give a result, we offer him training in the missing skills and tools. If, even after training the result is missing, the company will part with such an employee, because he slows down the entire highly effective work of our team.