Objectives, intentions and values

We create a modern world of unique and large-scale industrial facilities.

Our values ​​are stated in the first person intentionally: it is really important for us that the stated values ​​extend beyond words and become part of the work of every WALTER Construction employee.


I realize that everyone has the right to express their opinion. I listen, hear and respect the opinion of the partner.



I take responsibility for everything that happens to me, for taking decisions, circumstances and consequences.



We are all united by the desire to achieve perfect results and this is possible only by trusting colleagues entirely, this is something that I constantly work on. It is important for me to wake up in the morning with a good mood, go to work and know that there are people nearby who are ready to support in a difficult situation. Achieving the result is possible only by working in a team and in the atmosphere of mutual support.



I strive to achieve great results. I carefully plan my actions and set my priorities correctly. Achieving results is a powerful incentive to go forward and conquer new peaks. This efficient activity is based on the achievement of specific goals. It is the achievement of a real result.


I act, guided by objectives of the project. I base on reliable information, events and results, excluding speculation and baseless suspicions. I believe in real and specific, not fictional and general.



I understand that fast and fair feedback is important to all of us. It allows adjusting my actions in time and taking the best decisions. I strive to receive and give feedback to partners and my colleagues in time without procrastination.

To build any industrial facilities for investors or existing enterprises anywhere in the world, involving teams of real professionals who are able to reach their goals using modern and effective management technologies.