Equipment supply


The experience of WALTER Construction has shown that recently the number of European companies looking for partners to promote their products on the Russian market has been growing. In the light of these trends, we decided to open a corresponding new direction in our work.

Мы надеемся, что, приняв решение о

работе с нашей компанией, вы найдете

надёжного партнера, который поможет

вам в быстром развитии вашего бизнеса

и успешном продвижении Вашей

продукции на российском рынке.



Woodworking industry

Gas and petrochemical industry

Nuclear power

Pulp and paper industr

Chemical industry

Agricultural production


  • search and attraction of potential clients,

  • maintaining regular contacts with buyers in the Russian market using new marketing strategies

  • organization of sales channels for manufacturers and suppliers of products in various industries

  • organization of service works

  • preparation and conduct of negotiations in the interests of the client

  • intermediary services

  • organization of sales structures

  • support in logistics, customs and legal processes

  • all necessary translations, including translations of technical documentation.

We are currently looking for European manufacturers or suppliers of industrial equipment to present, promote and sell our products on the Russian market.

Such cooperation will contribute to the fastest recovery and effective development of the economies of our countries in the tough times of coronavirus outbreak.

Alexander Mizyaev

+7 918 330 12 76