Our team consists of narrow specialists in the field of development and adaptation of technologies, as well as the development of innovative engineering solutions that are successfully applied in practice.

Industrial engineering from WALTER Construction is a complete strategic planning taking into account the characteristics of each enterprise. A correctly constructed industrial strategy of the enterprise allows solving problems associated with the analysis of the current state of industrial production, on the basis of which key strategic decisions are made.



WALTER Construction provides a wide range of services for the design of industrial enterprises with the possibility of subsequent manufacture of equipment and metal structures. When developing a project, the main emphasis is placed on the development of the “Technological Solutions” section as a fundamental section of all project documentation and the maximum adaptation of engineering solutions to be put together for their optimal work, taking into account the specific tasks of the Customer.

Industrial Engineering WALTER Construction aims to:


  • a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the enterprise;

  • development and implementation of technical solutions;

  • modernization of technological equipment;

  • achieving the necessary competitiveness, improving the technological process, allowing in the long term to ensure stable production growth and the development of new market segments;

  • consultation on issues necessary for the successful implementation of the project;

  • implementation of effective enterprise management systems;

  • training.