Today, WALTER Construction specialists have unique experience in organizing construction and installation work at the facility, both as a Technical Customer and as a General Contractor.

We are not just a construction company or an installation company, in the arsenal of which there is only a team of workers and a certain set of tools for performing a limited amount of work. WALTER Construction compares favorably:

  • a staff of highly qualified engineering and technical workers who use the most effective construction and installation management tools in their work;

  • all our employees are legally on the construction site: we strictly comply with the migration legislation of the Russian Federation with only one goal - to protect our Customers from questions from the migration service;

  • WALTER Construction specialists hold positions in accordance with their education and qualifications;

  • WALTER Construction specialists take timely advanced training courses, medical examinations and occupational safety certification.

We draw your attention to the fact that the cost of construction and installation or repair work is calculated individually and to a greater extent depends on the specifics and complexity of the work. As a rule, an analysis of the received design documentation is sufficient to estimate the cost. However, we are of the opinion that a technical meeting directly at the facility allows you to most accurately and in detail evaluate the cost and volume of planned construction, installation or repair work.

WALTER Construction guarantees the participation of experienced personnel in the construction and installation works aimed at the implementation of the project on an agreed schedule and in accordance with the approved budget.