One of the most important principles of the activities of WALTER Construction since its inception has been the careful attitude to the interests of society. Fully justifying the status of a socially responsible company, WALTER Construction aims to support such areas of public life as sports, culture, education, science.



According to the goal, we are creating a world of unique and large-scale industrial facilities, while #the Walter team is always ready to do small good deeds!

Last week in the residential area “Novoznamensky” we held a # peppy community work day and restored the children's playground, updated the cover, planted trees, set up a sandbox and a bench.

According to the reviews of the employees of the fitness center in the territory of which we carried out the work, the children are delighted!

#DariDobro and it will return to you!

An article about us was posted on the website of the Administration and the City Council of Krasnodar, read the link:



Church of St. Nicholas.

Church of St. Nicholas, Archbishop of the World of Lycian, Wonderworker

Bakhchisaray, Komsomoltsev Podpolshchikov street, 9
Rector: Priest Stefan Linsky
Schedule: daily from 9:00 to 16:00

Currently, there are 30 churches in the Bakhchisarai deanery, however, in the Soviet post-war period, only one remained open for worship in the Bakhchisarai region - the church of St. Nicholas. This temple is a continuation of the history of St. Nicholas Cathedral, built in 1798 (1799) by the Greek diaspora. During the war, the Cathedral was destroyed. After this, a living room was adapted for the temple, which dates back to the end of the 40s of the XX century. Over the years, the Church of St. Nicholas has become native not only to residents of Bakhchisarai, but also to many residents of Sevastopol and other villages who continue to come here to pray, be baptized, and get married.


In order to attach to the relics of St. Nicholas, you do not need to fly to Italy or stand in kilometer-long queues. Come to Bakhchisaray! WALTER Construction provides assistance in the reconstruction and construction of a new church.


I try to be not indifferent to what is happening in the world around me, I help those in need with joy and opportunity.
I support the Kuban Family Union of Large Families and help children with cancer.
More than a year ago, I learned about a baby with a diagnosis of stage 5 nephroblastoma with metastases in both lungs and my family and I decided to help him! The treatment was not easy for the child and his parents! More than five operations and more than ten chemotherapy sessions have been performed. Moving to different cities, sleepless nights, oceans of tears and shaken nerves for the sake of defeating the disease - the son’s recovery was not in vain! The kid got better!

Take care of your children !!!
More information about the child we helped on @pomosh__ilya


Promotion Kuban family

I can not help but share another victory побед # Walterconstruction - we were able to make the lives of 300 children on the eve of #the new year happier and sweeter!

On the eve of good and magical holidays - I decided to traditionally support a charity event together with @kubanskaya_semya
and we helped fulfill the dreams of children who were looking forward to the New Year holidays.

Santa Claus gave the children magical and sweet gifts that they had been dreaming of for a year and a wonderful mood. ✨

I sincerely wish the children and their parents health, well-being and more joy in the upcoming 2019!

Union "Kuban family"

As a father with many children, I believe that family values are at the head of everything!
I gladly supported the good initiatives of wonderful staff and volunteers @kubanskaya_semya
The Kuban Family Union provides multifaceted and comprehensive assistance to large families and strengthens traditions.

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